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Prayer for the cleansing of the bloodline and DNA for others

Pray the following prayer out loud over the person

I thank you Lord that _____________ is fearfully and wonderfully made. I declare over _______________ what your word says: that he/she is created in your likeness, that he/she is created to be perfect, that you called him/her to represent your kingdom on earth. 


I speak to the choices and actions made by ______ or his/her family lineage that opened doors and invited the enemy in and I close those doors, and I command the traumatic experiences of those events to switch off and detach from his/her genetic code.


I speak to the DNA bloodline corruption in _________. I bind you, and I speak to the trauma in the body, and I command you unwind and remove yourself now!

I declare over you that you are not the result of your inherited genes, you are not a flawed person by God’s design.

I declare that genetic infirmity is not god’s plan for you, and I speak truth into your DNA, that you were created in the image of God and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose.

I declare all oaths, curses, and false prophecies taken by anyone in your family lineage be broken now and I command them to be switched off and permanently removed from your DNA!

I speak healing to your Genetic code; I command all genetic infirmity to be removed now!

I declare that the lie of Nature vs nurture does not define you. You are more than what science says you are.

I speak to all trauma recorded in their DNA as a result of any ungodly, willing, and unwilling sexual involvements and I command it to be removed from their genetic code immediately.

I now command all epigenetic marks on your DNA that attached themselves during traumatic experiences that occurred everywhere in your family lineage to the tenth generation to immediately be removed and to leave your body now! 


I command your DNA to immediately forget all epigenetic marks brought on through trauma and ungodly involvements and to immediately reset; to begin perfectly replicating once again according to how your body was intended by God according to psalm 139:14-16.  


I now command your genes to switch off the results from all inherited trauma brought on you as a result of generational curses and familiar spirits attached to your lineage.  


I command all telomeres attached to each of the trillions of DNA molecules in your body to be lengthened and strengthened right now in the name of Jesus.  


I command all memories contained within your hippocampus and your amygdala to become whole and to represent each memory with complete accuracy. Lord, I ask you to cleanse his/her mind of all false memories and all false fragments of memory leaving only the truth of each event intact.  


God, it is written that when we ask you for healing, we will receive!  Therefore, I now ask you Lord for a complete and thorough reset of his/her entire genetic code returning _________to the perfection you intended at creation. And now Lord, I declare over _______proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” I bless you with an abundant spirit of joy that brings healing and restoration!

Thank you, Lord, for a full and complete healing! 

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