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The Science of Supernatural Thinking

Is your mind clouded with thoughts of depression or anxiety, even anger or bitterness? Have you tried to rise up and renew your mind only to be weighed down by exhaustion or laid low by hopelessness?
The truth is that what you think controls who has access to your mind. Even seemingly harmless thoughts can open gates in your mind that allow the enemy to secretly infiltrate, build strongholds, and turn your mind to wage war against the very One that you long to serve.
But what’s been opened can always be closed.
Having helped multitudes experience spiritual freedom from demonic forces, Jareb Nott shows how you can seal off the powers of darkness from your mind and tear down their strongholds, empowering you to think thoughts that host the peace, presence, and power of God. Through scientific and biblical research, he offers a step-by-step process to help you transform your mind into a supernaturally impenetrable fortress of hope and joy!
In this revolutionary yet practical book, Jareb not only exposes the enemy’s insidious strategies for infecting your mind, but he also reveals how to:

Silence the enemy’s tormenting thoughts.

Think the kind of thoughts that host God’s presence.

Wield the power of biblical meditation, prayer, and intercession to renew your mind.

Build supernatural strongholds in your mind that open the gates of Heaven.

Protect your life and mind from the powers of darkness.

And more!
A deeper dimension of fellowship and encounter with the Holy Spirit awaits you! Stop empowering the darkness to dominate your thoughts. It’s time to dominate the darkness—and flood your mind with the transforming light of God’s presence.

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